More Than Ten Cents

What does More Than Ten Cents do?

More Than Ten Cents (MTTC) builds machines and parts according to your instruction using the Open Source Precious Plastic plans - with specific modifications if required for your project.
MTTC machines are produced in Darwin using new parts and laser cut components and all electrical fitting is done by a licensed electrician to Australian wiring standards.
More Than Ten Cents also offer training, support and advice to communities or groups who want to establish a plastic makers space in their area.



We saw a need in the Precious Plastic family for somone who could provide machines ready to go in Australia so we got down to business and started making them!

Why More Than Ten Cents?

In 2013, a group of beverage companies mounted a legal challenge against the Northern Territory Government's 'Cash for Containers' Container Deposit Legislation recycling scheme. The Beverage Companies argued that the recently introduced scheme, which doubled NT recycling rates in the limited time it operated, hindered them. The federal court ruled in favour of the Beverage Companies.

It was a brief victory, the decision was later overturned but it sparked community outrage here and accross the world and as a Territorian I was ashamed and angry we let a corporation call the shots on our environmental future and set about finding ways we could do better.

The cost of waste plastic to our future and our children's future is so much more than ten cents, the benefits to the community of reusing plastic waste are immeasurable and so More Than Ten Cents started as a community education and innovation space.

What is Precious Plastic?

Precious Plastic, founded by Dave Haakens in the Netherland is a network of plastic maker spaces around the world all working to find ways to reuse plastic waste and keep it out of landfill. His entire vision has become an open source community offering plans, resources, support and innovation in plastic recycling at a grass roots level.


Machines made to your order, according to Precious Plastic Plans.