Melodie Murphy - Founder

Hello and welcome!

I am Melodie, the founder of More Than Ten Cents and that machine in the background will process thousands/millions of plastic bottle caps in it’s lifetime, away from landfills. – I supplied that machine, that makes me happy.

Who am I?

I am a Mother, Artist and Territorian who got angry one day when a Federal Court judge ruled the Northern Territory’s container deposit scheme illegal under Commonwealth law… The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) forced drinks companies to pay a 10 cent refund on returned bottles.

Remembering a time when an empty coke bottle was worth 20 cents and 20 cents was worth a whole lot more, I was angry that the impact of NOT recovering these bottles from our environment now, is so much more than 10 cents to future generations.

My rage was pretty pointless so I had to find a way to make people want to collect plastic recycalilliesbottles and since money seems to be a good reason for most people to get motivated, I set out to prove a bottle could be worth more than ten cents.

My Plan

I created Recycalillies … running workshops, entering exhibitions and showing other people how to make beautiful, valuable things and gifts while spreading my message…

My record to date for one single 2litre soft drink bottle is $186.00.

While this went some small way to making a difference and getting people to think differently it felt so small in the face of the avalanche of plastic waste going to landfill each day.

Precious Plastic – Fantastic!

I started to look for other ways I could grow this tiny movement and then (while looking for a plastic shredder) I found Dave Hakkens site, Precious Plastic.

I felt like I had found my lost crew! Here were folks doing something practical, useful AND sharing all their tools and methods so we could all work together and really make change!

Building Precious Plastic machines

Building that first shredder taught me a lot and made me very aware that lots of people who would love to use these tools might not have a chance because building the machines takes skills, time and tools many of us just don’t have lying around. I had to source these and in the process assembled a workshop and trades to build the entire range.

I realised this was my part in this movement – equipping folks with the weapons needed to fight the war on plastic waste in Australia.

I reached out to the Precious Plastic team and told them I would like to make machines for sale in Australia – their response was go for it! Now, thanks to awesome local production partners, we build first class, rock solid Precious Plastic machines for the Australian PP community.

My Precious Plastic Dream

My Precious Plastic dream is to see 100+  Precious Plastic Micro-Factories across the country producing practical, further recyclable, items from waste plastic that would otherwise go to landfill.

These micro-factories offer an opportunity for anyone, from any walk of life to make a real impact in their local environment and community.

Thanks to Dave Hakkens and the Precious Plastic crew, my dream is no longer a hope, it is my entire agenda.

My job in the Precious Plastic Australia community is to provide strong, well built machines to help you realise your Precious Plastic dream.  If I can help you on your Precious Plastic journey, reach out on our social media pages or use the contact form on this site and let’s work together to save the future from our plastic waste!

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